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ICE database



  • Steven

    Hi Chris! The ICE database is still used however it is not available outside of the GLA / RICS tool as it is a generic, carbon-only database. This database is not relevant outside of the UK and is carbon (GWP) only, which means it cannot really be mixed with other data. Other generic, carbon-only databases are not shown either however I will discuss with our plugin developers if we can add an option with e.g. 'Global carbon data settings' where we can allow generic carbon data to be shown as well. ICE data is available in the GLA / RICS tool if you are on the One Click LCA platform.

  • Christopher Shaw

    Hi Steven, OK no problem thanks for letting me know! 

  • Lissette

    Hi Christopher thanks for opening up this topic. Im interested since im working with UK projects right now. 

    Steven, can we filter ICE database for our material searches? 


  • Steven

    Hi Lissette, 

    If you set your data source filter to 'ICE' you will be able to filter through the ICE database. This will only work in the GLA / RICS tool. 


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