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Rhino Integration



  • Kirsten Estrup

    Hi :) 

    I tried to run the LCA Oneclick using the COP 26 trial for McNeel for the building trial. Im using RH7 and just testing the plugin on simple geometry. But when I try to assign materials to the contructions rhino keeps crashing. There seems to be a problem with the different data sources and the search function for the materials is not correct. 

    Have you any experience with this bug? 

    Thank you 


  • Steven

    Hi Kristen, we are not familiar with the bug you are describing yet. Have you tried to select materials from one source in order to see if that does work?

  • Nishat Aive


    I tried installing the one-click LCA for the rhino. But after it got installed , whenever I am trying to click on it, it is showing the below error message. Is there something I can do about it? I would like to add that, I have a student license for one click LCA (which would allow us to get all the features of the Business License and some features from the expert License). Could you kindly help?
    Thank you. 

  • Nishat Aive

    Just an update, It is solved now after I have reinstalled the Rhino selecting ärun as administrator' and saving the software directly under C drive rather than under program files. Hope it will be helpful for someone.


  • Steven

    Hi Nishat, glad to hear your issue is resolved. Running Rhino in administrator mode can resolve most issues. Do note that bi-directional results (results in Rhino opposed to results to One Click LCA) is not supported with the free student license. 

  • Eszter


    I´ve done everything I could and still getting the same issue as Nishat had.

    I´ve deleted Rhino, reinstalled, I´ve run as admin, installed, reinstalled everything again and again and still does not work.

    Hope I get an answer, how to fix it!


  • Geoffrey Tears

    I am trying to work with the Rhino app but when try logging it simply say "Login Failed". I have changed my password multiple times confirm that it is not a user error on my behalf.
    Thanks in advanced!

  • mahdi.chehade


    I am trying to log in through the Rhino Oneclick lca plugin but it tells me "login failed". I am using my Oneclick account. What can be the problem?

    ps: i have a student license


  • Yana Y

    Same here, I tried to log in but the One Clic LCA Rhino told me that login failed. I am sure that I am typing the right passcode, no mistakes in my username, but still not working. What could be the problem?


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