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Archicad integration



  • Johann Magnus Kjartansson

    Would it be possible for OneClickLCA to make an XML schedule file for each Archicad version. That would be a big help.

  • Johann Magnus Kjartansson

    I made an Archicad XML for a schedule to export to Excel that will work for OneClickLCA import. In order for this to work, I had to make another XML for Archicad Property Manager to define the OneClickLCA CLASS parameter automatically. This will only work in the Norwegian version as it uses string information from the norwegian layer system to define the CLASS parameter. After export, open the Excel file, delete the header row (top row), save and import to OneClickLCA.

    AC25NOR_OneClickLCA_Property Manager_CLASS.XML - Import this file ine "Options -> Property Manager".

    AC25NOR_OneClickLCA_Scheme Settings - Import this file in Scheme Settings


  • Joachim Daetz

    Love the new plugin for ArchiCAD 26! Thanks for creating it.

    I hope it will be further developed to reach the same level as the Revit plugin :) 

  • Roos van Roessel

    Is it possible to use one-click LCA if you are using Archicad 26 on a Mac?

  • Shaun Masson

    Hi Roos,

    We have some plans for Archicad 26 on Mac and will begin working on this soon, but unfortunately, this is not currently available.


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